Our most requested chip is now finally available to the Australian market.

To do this timeless design justice, our team put a spin on the classic style, creating 8 denominaitons in our casino grade luxury hybrid finish.

Unique tri-tone colour schemes gives the Casino Royale range an eye catching intricacy throughout.

Looking every part like they would fit in a top casino, these chips epitomise European elegance and style.

The luxury hyrid finish features a fully printed casino grade ceramic mold with a meticulously crafted hollowed section for the inlay. The inlay sits flush in the groove creating a wonderful texture distinction between the inner and outer.

Available in denominations $1 – $5000 these can be purchased for ring or tournament set ups.

Product Overview

  • Purchase any quantity of Casino Royale
  • Timeless high roller style
  • 8 Denominations (Cash/Tournament)
  • Choose from $1 – $5,000
  • 8.5g Chip Weight
  • 39mm x 3mm
  • Luxury finish
  • Casino grade ceramic mold / inlay
  • Brand new condition
  • Made to Order / Allow 21-35 days to receive

Ordering Information

  • Select quantity of chips for each required denomination
  • Double check quantities and BUY NOW


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