One of the bestselling chips at Jacks Poker these premium 14g weight high quality Monte Carlo Chips are ideal for any home game. With a bold and diverse colour scheme these chips are sure to impress and offer an affordable way to create a high quality environment for your game.

With denominations ranging from $0.50 to $250,000 the range is adaptable and can be used for both tournaments and mid stakes cash game set ups.

Product Overview

  • Purchase any quantity of Monte Carlo Chips
  • Bestselling Design
  • 14g Chip Weight
  • 39mm x 3mm
  • Made from soft clay
  • Choose any denominations of Monte Carlo chips $0.50-$25,000
  • 4 Styles of plaques $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000
  • Brand new condition
  • In Stock available for immediate dispatch

Ordering Information

  • Select quantity of chips/plaques for each required denomination
  • Double check quantities and BUY NOW


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