The JACKS team has worked in partnership to develop an exclusive range of the much sought after Ascona style.

A timeless design in all regards, the Ascona exclusive advances the style further with bolder colour pallettes on the (100) and (1000) for both visibility and strength.

The luxury hyrid finish features a fully printed casino grade ceramic mold with a meticulously crafted hollowed section for the inlay.

The inlay sits flush in the groove creating a wonderful texture distinction between the inner and outer.

Product Overview

  • Purchase any quantity of Ascona Exclusive chips
  • Choose any denominations chips $1-$100,000
  • Exclusive colour segways
  • Themed dealer button
  • Casino grade (same quality as top casino’s worldwide)
  • 8.5g Chip Weight
  • 39mm x 3mm chip size
  • Made from polymer composite with graphic sublimally printed
  • Casino grade laminated inlay sticker / our most premium finish
  • Stylish, elegant and luxurious poker chips
  • Eye catching colour and design
  • Brand new condition
  • Made to order, typical lead time 5-7 weeks

Ordering Information

  • Select quantity of chips for each required denomination
  • Double check quantities and BUY NOW

Shipping Information

  • These chips are made to order
  • Typical delivery time is 5-7 weeks from purchase
  • Order will ship via standard delivery options once on hand
  • If you select Express Shipping next day guarantee will apply from once your goods are received into our warehouse, not from date of purchase.
  • Tracking details will be e-mailed once available


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