Our latest chip range, 14g weight, 7 denominations, No $ value

Introducing The Diamond, our latest chip range, in the ever popular 14g clay composite series.

Available in 7 eye catching colours , The Diamond has a clear and bold identity. With the black inlay and clear outer colours every chip is easily distinguishable

Drawing inspiration from private cardrooms in Las Vegas, The Diamond range has authentic casino style and our first mid range offering to have an all black inlay.

The outer mold comes in 7 bright colours (White, Red, Green, Black, Pink, Yellow and Blue) with a subtle Diamond pattern printed. The colours were carefully chose to be distinct and easy to separate in even the darkest of cardrooms

Product Overview

  • Purchase any quantity of The Diamond chips
  • Choose any denominations chips (1) – (5000)
  • 14g weight
  • 39mm x 3mm size
  • Clay composite material with sticker insert
  • Sold colours for easy identification
  • Subtle diamond pattern on outer chip
  • Clear and bold value printed
  • Brand new condition
  • In stock, ships from Sydney
  • Trusted seller

Ordering Information

  • Select quantity of chips for each required denomination
  • Double check quantities and BUY NOW


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